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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose | Tayong Dalawa Official Music Video

Buy Julie Anne San Jose's latest single Tayong Dalawa on iTunes and listen to Spotify.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Getting Frustrated On How Sunday Pinasaya Has Misused Julie Anne San Jose

Just when I thought Sunday Pinasaya couldn't screw up Julie Anne San Jose even more. However, they did pulled it off this week. It's clear that they dont see her as anything more, which is both inexplicable and exaspirating.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sunday Pinasaya Continues To Marginalize Julie Anne San Jose

Sunday Pinasaya is making itself clear of what it thinks of Julie Anne San Jose.

Julie remains to be one of the key talents of the Kapuso Network. She's the frontrunner of GMA's very thin roster of true singers but Sunday Pinasaya does not believe in her to be a top tier star on the show.

She's an A-level performer treated as a B-level talent. Fans saw more evidence of that the past weeks as the show failed or just refused to make her important.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Am I The Only One Who? : Thoughts about Sunday Pinasaya, The Cure, And More. . .

As I reflect to this past days on GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . wonder what Sunday Pinasaya is doing with Julie Anne San Jose?
It has been two straight weeks that Julie was made an afterthought on the show. She was not given a musical prod and her appearances were sporadic at best, she didnt even sang in Kantaserye where her role is supposed to be prominent. The promotion of My Guitar Princess last week were given very little importance which made me thought she wont be given a birthday prod this week, that proved to be prophetic as the brilliant people behind Sunday Pinasaya didnt produced a screentime to celebrate her birthday week on the show. Of course its more likely that they are to do it next week but thats already going beyond the norm that the show celebrate their cast's birthday in advance, which showed the production obviously just forgotten Julie's birthday and didnt really had any segment planned for her.

. . . wonder where Sunday Pinasaya got the singers featured on their Divas Stated segment?
Ok the singers were good but it doesnt make sense that Sunday Pinasaya is giving segments to probably APT talents we haven't heard of while some regular cast members were struggling for screentime.

. . .is bored with the The Cure already?
It has a very slow pace, and it didnt get me hooked or excited about each episode. Well I guess Im not the only one, cause GMA bosses rumoredly wanting to axe the show already after just five episodes.

. . . thought the Pharmaceutical scientists or whatever they are in The Cure looked like bunch of morons?
Why they didnt just immediately admitted to the public that the supposed cancer cure has a dangerous side effect to warn people from buying it from the black market?

. . . think its silly that security guards of a pharmaceutical company in The Cure can arrest or even just abduct people without facing any consequences?

. . . think Kiko Estrada and Julie Anne San Jose have shown more chemistry in My Guitar Princess?
No offense to Gil Cuerva who is the top leading man in the show but I wont mind if Julie end up with Kiko who so far proved he's the better actor.

. . . Got a kicked out of John Estrada's joke about keeping an eye on his daughter Inah De Belen and its boyfriend Jake Vargas?
Not because its that funny but its funny that he seems afraid of Karma and he's worried that what he did to alot girls in the past would happened to his daughter.

. . . wonder if GMA have plans of putting John Estrada and Heart Evangelista together in one project?
Once upon a time in ABS-CBN, ok, lets not elaborate what goes beyond further.

. . . think Kyline Alcantara should have another song other than Imago's Sundo?
Yes her cover went viral but thats because it was already re-popularized by the Kapamilya drama The Good Son by a Kapamilya singer Moira Dela Torre.

. . . thought Kambal Karibal starrer Pauline Mendoza kind of like betrayed GMA when she tweeted the ratings of the entire GMA Primetime?
Her tweet clearly revealed GMA primetime shows are on the losing end against ABS-CBN. I guess she's too proud that only her Kambal Karimbal is narrowly winning by a decimal point against a not so epic Bagani.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

AM I The Only One Who? Thoughts On Barbie Forteza, GMA Artists Center, Sunday Pinasaya And More...

As I reflect to this past days about GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . wonder what have the people of GMA Artists Center been smoking lately?

. . . totally agree that fans should not blame Derrick Monasterio about the awful fate of Almost A Love Story?
The blame should be on the people who even thought its a good idea to reunite the loveteam, DerBie never worked before and should've been phased out, forever.

. . . wonder who did Barbie Forteza's make up for her GMA contract signing?
Barbie actually looked 10 years older than Jasmine Curtis.

. . . hope Barbie Forteza's new contract doesn't stipulate more of Kissy Anino?
Barbie should rebirth back to being a dramatic actress and her overacting cringeworthy Kris Aquino impersonation needs to go away if she wants to be taken seriously and not a joke.

. . . thought Jasmine Curtis' signing overshadowed Barbie Forteza's re-signing with GMA which both held on the same day?
Barbie is a top talent of GMA but her renewing her contract isn't much of a news compaired to the proverbial big fish in a small pond Jasmine Curtis signing with the Kapuso Network.

. . . needs somebody from GMA to tell us Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado will be reunited in The Cure?
I know Jennylyn is being paired with Tom Rodriguez on the show but how come they seemed to forget Mark and Jennylyn had some past both onscreen and offscreen.

. . . almost fell off my seat when AiAi Delas Alas referred to Kyline Alcantara as Irene on the Wikarambulan segment of Sunday Pinasaya?
What a way to promote Kambal Karibal that has been heavily promoted on the show and I'm sure I heard Ruru Madrid mentioned her name correctly. I know Ms. AiAi means no harm but Kyline has been on the show for weeks now further they were repeatedly mentioning Kyline, Kyline, Kyline althroughout the program hyping a prod of her. Well I guess Ms. Ai Ai just doesnt buy the Kambal Karibal hype.

. . . thought Sunday Pinasaya's musical prod with rapper Shanti Dope became an awkward Lip Sync Battle between Alden Richards and Kyline Alcantara?
SPS production looked stupid for being willing to spend extra time on recording to cover up for non singers that still struggled to lipsync properly, while the whole thing can be done live with their resident legit performer Julie Anne San Jose who was just doing meaningless segments.

. . . hope Julie Anne San Jose's upcomming musical romcom series My Guitar Princess wont be like Sunday Pinasaya's Kantaserye where she comes out to sing a few lines then return backstage?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Am I The Only One Who?: Thoughts About GMA

As I looked back to this past few days about GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . think GMA people have given too much credit to Alden Richards for the silver medal victory of GMA Public Affairs' Docu-drama Alaala in the New York Film Festival?
GMA talents, reporters, and executives congratulated Alden on social media but never showed the same appreciation for Rocco Nacino and Bianca Umali who were also part of the project, furthermore didnt even credited the production and the Martial Law victims who shared their experiences for the story. Well, maybe because congratulating them wont generate as much likes and retweets.

. . . think Kyline Alcantara has now over shadowed Bianca Umali both in Kambal Karibal and career progress?
The supposed to be villainess of the series is getting more likes than the heroine and is more credited for their show's success which I believe caused their sudden role reversal in the series, not only that, now Kyline is getting more outside appearances and now signed to be a certified recording artist.

. . . dont want to think what happened to Barbie Forteza's movie Almost A Love Story?
Silence speaks for its boxoffice performance, Barbie is a great actress and without a doubt on a different level compared to other young stars today male or female (yes that includes Kyline Alcantara) but seeing her in another millennial lovestory is a bit tiresome not to mention opposite Derrick Monasterio, that loveteam phased out a long time ago. If thats not bad enough GMA is sticking with the same stuff on tv with Inday Will Always Love You.

. . . is not really curious who is Bea Binene's leadingman in her upcoming series Karibal Ko Ang Aking Ina?(if thats the right title)
The show will also be starred by the returning Kapuso Sunshine Cruz and after seeing her photos with Bea I'm more curious who will play the ina. (just for laughs!)

. . . think GMA was blindsided by Ryza Cenon when she decided to moved to ABS-CBN?
Ryza was the second Starstruck Ultimate Female Survivor and was a talent of GMA for quite a long time. It would've been just fine if she left a few years ago when she was a struggling talent and GMA seemed to have nothing for her but she left after GMA gave her a huge break in Ika-6 Na Utos that turned her into a household face. I guess her ego just grew along with her star.

. . . wonder if Ryza Cenon got some brain damage in those brutal fights she had with Sunshine Dizon in Ika-6 Na Utos that caused her to have sort of selective amnesia?
In her interview she said she wanted to work with other artists and included Angel Locsin in her list of stars she dreamed of working with, have she forgotten she played Angel Locsin's sister in GMA's fantaserye Majika?

. . . noticed Starstruck has produced more Kapamilya talents than ABS-CBN's awful StarCircle Quest?
Ryza is now the fourth Starstruck winner to leave GMA for ABS-CBN, lets not even count Starstruck alumni that became top talents of ABS-CBN such as Paolo Avelino, Arci Muñoz and Cristine Reyes, even Megan Young was a Kapamilya when she won Miss World.

. . . thought Gabbi Garcia moving to ABS-CBN was a flat gimmick of GMA?
Does anyone really believes Gabbi who is GMA's favorite star will ever leave the Kapuso Network?

. . . cringe when GMA ArtistCenter tweeted
GMA is spreading fake news here, first, Julie Anne San Jose's single she performed in 3Stars1Heart concert is called Nothing Left, second, All I Need which I think referring to the song of GMA's most favorite girl Gabbi Garcia was never a chart topper.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Am I The Only One Who?: Thoughts On Sirkus, Addy Raj, SundayPinasaya

As I reflect to this past days on GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . pleasantly surprised GMA didn't cut the part of ABS-CBN singers in their telecast of Regine Velasquez Alcasid's R3.0 concert?

Friday, February 23, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose Your Song Live On WishBus

Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose Performs Her version of Parokya Ni Edgar's Your Song (My One And Only You) Live on WishFM's WishBus.

Download and Listen to Your Song on Spotify and iTunes.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Am I The Only One Who? Random Thoughts On GMA Programs

As I reflect to this past days on GMA programing I Wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . wonder what Bea Binene had been doing on GMA's online musical show Playlist?

Julie Anne San Jose Nothing Left Official Music Video

Must Watch: Julie Anne San Jose Nothing Left official music video