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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Am I The Only One Who?: Thoughts On Sirkus, Addy Raj, SundayPinasaya

As I reflect to this past days on GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . pleasantly surprised GMA didn't cut the part of ABS-CBN singers in their telecast of Regine Velasquez Alcasid's R3.0 concert?

Friday, February 23, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose Your Song Live On WishBus

Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose Performs Her version of Parokya Ni Edgar's Your Song (My One And Only You) Live on WishFM's WishBus.

Download and Listen to Your Song on Spotify and iTunes.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Am I The Only One Who? Random Thoughts On GMA Programs

As I reflect to this past days on GMA programing I Wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . wonder what Bea Binene had been doing on GMA's online musical show Playlist?

Julie Anne San Jose Nothing Left Official Music Video

Must Watch: Julie Anne San Jose Nothing Left official music video

Friday, February 9, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose On Wish Bus

Julie Anne San Jose make her most anticipated appearance on Wish FM's Wish Bus and performs her latest single Nothing Left under Universal Records.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose Releases New Single Nothing Left

Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose releases her new chart topping single Nothing Left under her new label Universal Records.

Download and listen to Julie Anne San Jose's latest single Nothing Left now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Deezer.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Am I The Only One Who?: Thoughts On Ruru Madrid, Sunday Pinasaya, Julie Anne San Jose...

As I reflect to this past week on GMA programing, I Wonder Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . still find it absurd that Minerva a.k.a. Super Ma'am and the Tamawos are having a hard time finding the Sakras while Minerva's academically challenged students can just randomly locate it, and find it even more absurd that they could find the Sakras but couldn't find the resemblance between their teacher and Super Ma'am?

. . . wonder why GMA is giving so much push to Kris Aquino impersonator Tetay?
The stand up comedian is in a high profile role as a villain in Super Ma'am's current arc but has also been more visible in GMA programimg lately including as a guest co-host of MARS- of all GMA talents. Is this sort of rib to Kris Aquino who rumoredly wants to be a Kapuso but has been declined by the management?

. . . thought GMA Artist Center's Grand Fans Day wasn't that "grand" afterall?
The event almost went unnoticed and just lacked the star power to be a big event. There were only few stars who came over and most of them were lower tier talents, alot aren't even known to many. Mikee Quintos and Kate Valdez were bigger names (outside Alden Richards) than those who were at attendance but they are not quite top talents yet. My guess is it wasn't supposed to be grand fans day but rather a gig for GMAAC talents GMA Network has currently nothing to do with.

. . . thinks the Lolas of Eat Bulaga has already gone too old?
The three old characters is now running the same old tired stuff that the rating of their beautiful show isn't beautiful anymore, perhaps the result of their upcoming film would determine if the senior citizens should be put to retirement already.

. . . thought the jokes in the openning segment of Sunday Pinasaya were too lame and too unfunny?
Barbie Forteza transporting a carabao to Manila and Marian Rivera telling she's the mother Gabbi Garcia were like written by a 1st grader.

. . . wonder if Ruru Madrid holds something against the writers and producers of Sunday Pinasaya for him to get too much overexposure ?
I wrote last week that Ruru was on a rampage and this week he picked up where he left- not including the closing remarks- Ruru appeared in the following segments; Mang Jose, StarBuzz, Kantaserye and Boy's Room where he's a prominent part of all, include the openning segment and its The Ruru Madrid Show. Did he caught a producer sleeping with one the cast? Or has the writers done something illegal and he busted it? His overexposure just reached the level that he is already robbing the spotlight off the other cast members

. . . is glad that the Flower Pop Girls Kantaserye is over and think Sunday Pinasaya should now give Julie Anne San Jose a real regular music segment?
Kantaserye should've been Julie's segment unfortunately Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid have been on the spotlight of its past 3 editions spite not being real singers. Now that that Flower Pop Girls is no more and Ruru and Gabbi has an upcoming primetime show, it would be just fair for GMA and Sunday Pinasaya to give what Julie and her talent deserves in her only show.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Am I The Only One Who? : Thoughts on Sunday Pinasaya, Super Ma'am, Ruru Madrid, Julie Anne San Jose And More...

As I reflect to this past week on GMA programing I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . is curious how Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza's movie This Time I'll Be Sweeter fair in the box-office?
The movie openned this week and there have been no updates about its current gross, history says when GMA dont mention the gross a film featuring their stars. It could only mean one thing, and its not good news.

. . . find it absurd that Super Ma'am's dad was able to got in to the Tamawo's lair to help her daughter without being intercepted by guards or goons and thinks its even more absurd that he knows where the place is and got in there so fast?

. . . thought the bathala Dalikmata a.k.a. Joyce Ching is mentioning is a very considerate god for not only he retained Joyce's ability to see premonitions but also gave her a nice regular clothes when she was turned into a mortal as a punishment?

. . . think its underwhelming that the role of Isagani Dagohoy in Super Ma'am went to Jeric Gonzales?
Nothing against the Protege winner but he's just not a big enough star to portray such a could've been bad ass role opposite Marian Rivera. I would've chosen a bigger star to do the job or I would just retain Ivan Dorschner's character as he knows how to carry himself more as a star and will not be overshadowed by Marian easily.

. . . thought Jerald Napoles is the best character in Super Ma'am and just easily overshadowed Marian's supposed leading man Mathias Rhoads?
Whether its a comic relief, or being beaten up, or just being tied down to watch Super Ma'am gets brutalize, Jerald delivers in every scene perfectly not to mention he shows more chemistry with Marian than Mathias Rhoads.

. . . is pleasantly not surprised that Alyas Robin Hood is on its final two weeks?
Normally, only successful series gets a book two, so the case of Alyas Robin Hood which first run was disastrous in terms of plot and ratings was really a head scratcher. But Im willing to give it chance thinking that they were to fix its plot, however it became far more worse than the first book as its story turned more convoluted and Dingdong's costume became more Arrow-like. No wonder its the worst rated show in primetime.

. . . is curious to the reaction of Eat Bulaga writers and producers when their sugod bahay winner said his favorite singer is Julie Anne San Jose?
its no secret that Julie has been a victim of online bashing by a portion of Eat Bulaga viewers and has been an outcast from the show she has not appeared in in a long time now. It was like an in your face moment to EB producers and writers and of course those I refuse to mention.

. . . think GMA Records signing OneUp is an idiotic business and artistic decision?
OneUp a boygroup compose of GMA male stars the network has nothing better to do with has no business being recording stars at least at the moment. I would understand if they are famous enough to sell records but then one can't even recall their names and faces. Lets not even go to their singing abilities.

. . . think OneUP and Eat Bulaga's Thats My Baes can swap members with each other and no one will be able to notice?

. . . think Sunday Pinasaya went all out ridiculous in overexposing Ruru Madrid?
Ruru was guilty of appearing in too many segments on the noontime show, including the Kantaserye segment where he robbed the show's resident singer Julie Anne San Jose of a singing spot. I can forgive the show if Ruru is a real ratings draw, however, his dorky Yoyo Boy character in Alyas Robin Hood doesn't help the show's viewership and in fact one of the reasons viewers tuned out of it.

. . . speculates Julie Anne San Jose being stripped of her singing duties in Sunday Pinasaya is a way to spite the singer for leaving GMA's recording company?
Julie who is SPS' resident true singer and GMA's top female singer outside of Regine Velasquez Alcasid being held off from singing is illogical. The show didnt have her usual singing prod for the past two weeks now, last week her singing spot on Kantaserye was way shorter than Barbie Forteza's (no joke, Barbie did sang) and this week she doesn't even had a singing spot as Ruru Madrid went on a rampage in the show. So is this GMA's way of holding Julie's singing career hostage by not giving her new record company anything to promote about her? Of course it may be too early or even unfair to speculate such wicked agenda but watching people Julie could sing circles arround gets all the close up instead is sure damn frustrating.

GMA's Two Garcias Trending In Opposite Directions

With the ever expanding GMA roster of stars its really hard for one to stay relevant at a given time. This has been more obvious for the two Garcia's of the network.

Other than the Garcia name there's really very little similarity between Maricris Garcia and Gabbi Garcia, most specially in their career trajectory. While the former continuously becoming irrelevant, the latter is fast track to success.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Am I The Only One Who?: Thoughts on Sanya Lopez, Sunday Pinasaya, Julie Anne San Jose And More...

As I reflect to this past week on GMA programing, I wonder Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . thought had too much of Sanya Lopez for the week?
Sanya Lopez is the lead star of the daily afternoon drama Haplos, even if we cant recognize her as of the moment because of her prosthetic make up, yet that's still Sanya Lopez, who was featured on Magpakailanman, was a guest on I-Bilib, and was on the replayed episode of Dear Uge. Means she's been featured on TV the entire week. Normaly GMA stars are made to appear in multiple tv shows if they are promoting something but then Sanya is not, so there are really no valid reasons to overexpose her. It only further showed the lack of depth of GMA roster and the management being rigged.

. . . thought Sheena Halili was a non factor on this week's episode of Magpakailanman that featured her along with Diana Zubiri, Sunshine Dizon and Sanya Lopez?
Sheena being billed along side the network's prime stars was good for her considering how GMA have treated her throughout her career as a bit player and often a comic relief. But then the episode aired and her role speaks volume as what GMA thinks of her; a bit player and nothing more. Sheena's scenes were very few as her lines and was just there to compelete the number of sisters that were featured on the show. It mainly focused on Diana, Sunshine and Sanya who were the three main characters, Sanya in particular was given the top role. Sheena is a talented actress and has long been overlooked by the powers that be. She may not be a leading lady material but sure she could do better than being a bit player. Well, she's already passed her prime so at this point I dont think and it doesn't seem she will be catching a break, certainly not with the way GMA is booking her and with all the younger talents the network has.

and speaking of a younger talent.

Am I the only one who wondered why Gabbi Garcia wasn't placed on the said episode instead of Sheena? Having Sunshine, Diana, Sanya and Gabbi would've created more hype as they were two generations of Encantadia's Sang'gre. But after seeing how Sheena's role has been too unimportant, I ended up not wondering anymore.

. . . think its time and would be better if GMA just break the loveteam of Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfenlix up?
BiGuel as they want to call it will again star in a new primetime show with the working title Santa Santita which suggest Bianca Umali will be the title role. And it would be better if GMA will just give her a new leadingman, afterall BiGuel had been given a huge push for far too long now and no matter what GMA wants to believe, doors that should've openned never did as the loveteam never reached the level they've expected them to.

. . . think Ruru Madrid looks like a dork in his Yoyo Boy character in Alyas Robin Hood?
He comes off as someone from the awful Batang Z movie back in the 90's with his costume, and I cant help but to roll my eyes on the absurdity of him knocking off villains with a toy. Ok, ARH characters do look like bunch of dorks but Yoyo Boy is one of the top reasons why everyone is not taking the show seriously.

. . . thought Dingdong Dantes' Batman costume during Halloween was the best superhero costume he ever wore and he is more welcome as the Dark Knight than Arrow's clone?

. . . thought Sunday Pinasaya was too pushy on Barbie Forteza and Ken Chan's on screen team up and went as far as throwing their brains off the window to make their fling look real?
Yes they are promoting a movie but everyone on the show knew Barbie is in a relationship with Jak Roberto who is also a semi regular on the program and was being teased to Barbie on the show just recently.

. . . wonder if Julie Anne San Jose's decision to leave GMA Records has something to do with her short singing spot on Sunday Pinasaya?
The Kantaserye segment provided an ample amount of time for the non singer Barbie Forteza to lipsync but only gave seconds to Julie.

. . . think Daisy (Julie Anne San Jose's Kantaserye character) wont have a successful solo singing career if she is on Sunday Pinasaya?