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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What We've Learned In Party Pilipinas University

I'm back breaking down what I love and hated about Party Pilipinas, and today is Party Pilipinas University directed by Mark Reyes. To be honest coming from a great show last week I'm not really expecting alot today and University doesn't sound sensible and exciting to me.

1. Impromtu number for Dolphy, I think that prod should've been more solemn but the audience can't take a hold of them selves and screaming all the time

2. Openning started with some drums and I'm not sure where this is going, Rachelle Anne, Frencheska, Jolina and Kyla seems to be struggling on stage or was it just very crowded there. "Give Me All Your Luv" was done before last February and that was way far better than today yes JAPS is a better Rapper than Rhian. Jaya only has to sing one phrase but doesn't seem to memorized it. Oh! the tweens what should I expect I think JAPS was wasted performing with them. Congratz to Janno being present for two weeks now, is he a regular on the show now? And I think he's wrong cause its not his generation now, great rapping though.
That was it? I guess they blew the openning this time I dont really get that.

3. JAPS opens the VoX prod and she's singing a Tagalog song again I'm not used to it, I'm confused wether her rendition was a power ballad or an RnB? I never noticed those choir until they started to bother me. If this is PP University then Jaya is the Dean not because she's that superior its just her age fits to that, I thought Rachelle Anne is epic but Jonalyn is a GODDESS what kind lungs does she have. Great number only I wish Krizza was included.

4. Sayaw Pilipinas and I'm a Kris Bernal fan thats all. No this wasn't a repeat performance I think Gelene Eugenio just love that choreography.

5. Now I realize just how a good singer Justin Beiber is cause the Keso Boys are singing his songs out of key I hope the Beliebers are not outraged. I dont get the Campus Hearthrob idea, who cares about them anyway I actually felt I was watching Mr. Pogi in Eat Bulaga.

6. Isn't the Hot Vixens too irrelevant for the theme? well nice prod anyway atleast in the singing aspects. I really hate awkward cabarret dance gimmick.

7. I love JuliElmo, nice gimmick prod though I think last week has more emphasis to their talent, anyway its way better than JAPS' spot in the openning. Love Julie's watch wonder where I can get some.

8. Does Maxene Magalona and the rest of Faitfully fillers really needed in that great OPM prod? Anyway that number has been brought to you by Nestea Ice Tea. What?

9. Nice number by the tweens no kidding they are ignorable in that actually it's Nomer and Leana who rocks. Poor Barbie, what a lonely prom for her cause her prom king Joshua refuses to work on the Sundays. I think we have a latest blog write-up about Barbie need to check.

10. Benjamin who? Whatever, all I cared about was JAPS and Kyla on the inset singing like angels and I think the studio audience agree with me.

11. I already had Krizza Neri's album last Friday all the tracks are great and I don't get it why she has to share stage with other artists in her own launch specially with Jaya and Jolina what's the point? Rachelle Anne, Regine, Frecheska and even Solenn have taken a solo spotlight during their album launch on the show and Krizza can't? You are nuts PP writers.

12. PP Duets and why do I always get bored during this point of the show? I think I'm getting used to Janine singing maybe I'm just numb about how they never had solution to this matter. Rhian was singing better this time and majority of the spots are good but I'm still bored.

13. Decibels are always good onstage, and they are really pretty, La Diva improved their performance skills alot and I stand that Lovely is an outcast in this prod she just doesn't fit. Did Down To Mars merged with XLR8? Cause they're members are costantly increasing this copycats are really tiring to watch.

Just like I've said I'm not really expecting alot today, I like 50% of the show, I hate the 30% and doesn't really care about the rest I enjoyed watching though. Next week is Party Pilipinas Crush Kita.

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