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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random Thoughts: GMA7 And Cyber Crime Law etc.

It was in their headline that the Gozons and Manny Pangilinan had terminated their talks over the buyouts of GMA Network Inc.. This issue has been going on throughout the year and eventhough this was not the first time MVP had declared interest of acquiring the network, this recent negotiations make much noise out of a possible merge of the Kapuso Network and TV5 to become a giant media company. Well after" not arriving with a mutual agreement" I think the talks is over but maybe just for now. If I were MVP I will focus on my money loses in TV5 that is still struggling for viewer's attention, maybe he is a good businessman but Media Business specially a TV network is something he doesn't have a golden touch with.

From one Manny to another. Manny Pacquiao recently renewed is ties with the Kapuso Network means he would continue to bore us every Sunday with his game vareity circus show. A former 8 division world champ and former pound for pound best in the world is in his resumé and that's wonderful but if it has anything to do with showbiz? I'm not sure in what aspect? It is just a big question mark of how come a person whose album doesnt sell, movies didnt gross and TV shows doesn't rate became a valuable asset to the entertainment industry. Well he has the money and influence and thus far it takes him where ever he wants to go whether in showbiz or in politics as he is also running for another term in congress. I guess he is jack of all trades afterall.

And the Pacquiaos is now trying to be a political clan aswell as his wife Jinkee Pacquiao is running for vice governor, (I think Aling Dionisia should also run in a party list for ballroom dancers) that means the chances of her supposed GMA talkshow "Love.Life" pushing through is now very narrow, on the brighter side about that, I think one Pacquiao in showbiz is already hard to swallow and the Kapuso Network already had enough of awfull tv hosts and her addition is far from needed.

Speaking of TV hosts, GMA is seem fond of giving alot of hosting jobs to Regine Velasquez, she had an out of this world showbiz oriented talk show H.O.T TV and now a cooking talkshow (program formats is kind of weird nowadays). The 41 year old Songbird is now an icon in the entertainment business and GMA could be doing their best to keep her relevant, I just dont know if cooking can do anything for a singer's career? Not to mention it could ruin her diet and make her appetite that of Jessica Soho.

Upon saying this I could be in trouble of being sue for violating the E-Libel provision of the Cyber Crime Law. I heard the songbird is one of those celebrities that are in favor of the said provision and I understand where she is comming being a victim of some online bashers aswell as having a husband that is a government poodle and PNoy's behind kisser, I guess we should expect where she stands.

I dont really think the E-Libel provision is distasteful, and maybe alot just overreacted to it as it has a good side aswell, I guess we just need some assurance that the dufus politicians will not abuse this law to get back and hunt down their critics afterall this provision has been inserted by nootime show host turned dufus senator Tito Sotto that abused his power to take revenge on his internet critics that undressed his plagiarized speech. Now who's the bully?

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