Thursday, October 29, 2020

Julie Anne San Jose Rocket To The Moon Over The Moon OST

Netflix handpicked Julie Anne San Jose to sing the Philippine cover of Rocket To The Moon the original soundtrack of their original movie Over The Moon

Sunday, October 25, 2020

AllOutSundays Being Good For The First Time?

After being a crappy show throughout its entire run featuring stupid unfunny comedy skits, AllOutSundays finally presented a better episode this week. The trademark comedy segments and it's forebringers Betong and Boobay went absent for the first time as the show relied heavily on musical production numbers. The opening presented Alden Richards, Gabbi Garcia, Rayver Cruz, and Julie Anne San Jose

Honest Non-KPop Fan Thoughts About Blackpink

I'm not really a Kpop fan at all, as I think it's more on visuals than actual substance, let's be honest people still sings to The Beatles upto this days but I don't think anyone will be singing to BTS within the next decade, or probably even in the next three years when a new popular Kpop boyband arrives.

But unless you are living under a rock it's not to be denied that Kpop is dominating the airwaves and one of the most popular Kpop act today is Blackpink.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fans Signs Online Petition Against Stupid Comedy Of AllOutSundays

There is an online petition to have AllOutSundays remove their comedy segments, while it might just came out of petty and perhaps shouldn't be taken that seriously it still shows GMA's latest failure to compel it's viewers onto their latest Sunday musical variety show, as the network doesn't seem to want to distance itself from the brand of cheap and stupid comedy.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose Breakthrough

Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose releases another chart topping album "Breakthrough" under Universal Records featuring the songs Nothing Left, Your Song, Down For Me and her latest chart topping single "Tayong Dalawa".

Download and listen to "Breakthrough" on iTunes, and Spotify. Also available in CD format on record stores.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Getting Frustrated On How Sunday Pinasaya Has Misused Julie Anne San Jose

Just when I thought Sunday Pinasaya couldn't screw up Julie Anne San Jose even more. However, they did pulled it off this week. It's clear that they dont see her as anything more, which is both inexplicable and exaspirating.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sunday Pinasaya Continues To Marginalize Julie Anne San Jose

Sunday Pinasaya is making itself clear of what it thinks of Julie Anne San Jose.

Julie remains to be one of the key talents of the Kapuso Network. She's the frontrunner of GMA's very thin roster of true singers but Sunday Pinasaya does not believe in her to be a top tier star on the show.

She's an A-level performer treated as a B-level talent. Fans saw more evidence of that the past weeks as the show failed or just refused to make her important.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Am I The Only One Who? : Thoughts about Sunday Pinasaya, The Cure, And More. . .

As I reflect to this past days on GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . wonder what Sunday Pinasaya is doing with Julie Anne San Jose?It has been two straight weeks that Julie was made an afterthought on the show. She was not given a musical prod and her appearances were sporadic at best, she didnt even sang in Kantaserye where her role is supposed to be prominent. The promotion of My Guitar Princess last week were given very little importance which made me thought she wont be given a birthday prod this week, that proved to be prophetic as the brilliant people behind Sunday Pinasaya didnt produced a screentime to celebrate her birthday week on the show. Of course its more likely that they are to do it next week but thats already going beyond the norm that the show celebrate their cast's birthday in advance, which showed the production obviously just forgotten Julie's birthday and didnt really had any segment planned for her.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

AM I The Only One Who? Thoughts On Barbie Forteza, GMA Artists Center, Sunday Pinasaya And More...

As I reflect to this past days about GMA I wonder, Am I The Only One Who. . .

. . . wonder what have the people of GMA Artists Center been smoking lately?

. . . totally agree that fans should not blame Derrick Monasterio about the awful fate of Almost A Love Story?The blame should be on the people who even thought its a good idea to reunite the loveteam, DerBie never worked before and should've been phased out, forever.